Temple Pies Products

Temple Pies are tasty and nourishing individual pies, hand-made in our Herne Hill kitchen.  They are all meat-free (many are vegan and dairy-free), enclosed in a thin, crispy low fat pastry crust and packed full of fresh ingredients.  Our pies (like our calzones) are for both vegetarians and vegans, and those who'd like to eat less meat, but who like a good, tasty and filling pie - and who doesn't.

Temple Pies are ideal for a meal with an accompaniment as well as a filling snack, if you've got a big appetite!  They are available chilled for reheating or can be frozen for later.  (Heat in the oven at 180C for 20 minutes until piping hot, 18 minutes for a fan oven.  If freezing, defrost overnight before reheating.)

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Temple Calzones

Temple Pies also bake very tasty vegetarian and vegan calzones, a sort pizza-type pasty which, because they are encased in dough rather than pastry, can be reheated in a microwave and are even lower in fat content (Temple Pies' calzone dough contains only a small amount of olive oil).  They are best when reheated in the oven for a crispy crust, and can be eaten by hand as a snack or if outside as well as part of a meal.

Our calzones are hand-made with organic flour and vegetables (where possible) and are sold frozen.  Thaw the calzone for a few hours or overnight in the fridge, or they can be reheated in a microwave but they won't have a crispy crust (they'll be just as tasty though).  See the product descriptions for best reheating details.

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“Men may come and men may go.....but Pie goes on for ever.”

George Augustus Sala, British journalist (1792–1828)