About Temple Pies

Temple Pies are large individual pies made with fresh ingredients in our Herne Hill kitchen in South London. They are packed full of delicious fillings to suit all tastes and occasions.  Please note that our pies are substantial and more suitable for a meal with an accompaniment (see meals) rather than a snack, unless you've got a big appetite!

All Temple Pies products (pies, calzones and bread) are hand-made and contain good quality, fresh and, where possible, locally sourced ingredients. They are all meat-free and many are vegan (see Ingredients).

We source organic ingredients where possible in our attempt to avoid pesticides, insecticides and herbicides getting onto our crops and countryside (and into our air, into our wildlife, onto our food, into our pies) and onto your plate.

All of our packaging is fully biodegradable and compostable.