Temple pies are real pies, with a thin crisp pastry and jam-packed with a range of fillings.


We have vegetable-based pies; Mediterranean for a bright and flavoursome dish or English vegetables in a cheesy sauce, for example.


There are quorn-based dishes like steak, ale and mushroom or chicken and leek.  Or maybe others such as cheese and onion, mixed bean goulash or mushroom stroganoff take your fancy?  Have a look at our range.

Want to eat less meat?  There are plenty of tasty, and healthy non-meat alternatives at Temple Pies, and even non-meat 'meat' pies for vegetarians who may have drooled over the sight of a tasty mince& onion or steak & ale pie.


Temple Pies Bean Calzone
Mixed Bean Chilli Calzone

We source fresh, organic and locally-sourced ingredients where possible. All our pies are vegetarian, many are vegan and are dairy-free.


Vegetarian and Vegan

Temple Pies are like pies your granny might have made, but with sustainable fillings more suitable for modern times and tastes. Why not try one? And get one for your granny too.

"Promises and pie-crust are made to be broken."

Johnathan Swift, British essayist and satirist (1667–1745)